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Get out of the city. Meet new friends. Connect with nature. Challenge your limits. Support a cause.


Why travel with us?


We believe that travelling can be done for a common good. Besides creating empathy, it can be used as a tool to help overcome social and environmental problems.

Unfortunately, we are used to simplified trips and have little concern about local people, ecosystems and fellow travellers.

When travelling with us, you will find yourself submerged in stories that capture the spirit of the places we visit. The connection with nature will open your mind, giving you a more optimistic perception of things that can be done to make our world a better place. Travelling is good for you and will enrich your spirit, given that part of your contribution will help the development of social, economic and environmental projects.

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Our causes

When you travel you are helping a specific cause directed at the ecology or social impact in the destination community. Find out more and start your adventure.

Challenger Stories



“Its basically all about community. About sharing experiences to benefit a larger amount of people and the environment that provides for us. That’s what I learned on our Mixteca journey through Oaxaca. I came close to the people that live off the land and went home with a different and broader understanding of the region and its culture. Oh, and by the way, the views are jaw dropping.”


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