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Chance to Challenge

Chance to Challenge is committed to create responsible, safe and unique experiences that impact people, who impact the world and simultaneously support NGO´s that work on sustainable forests, community development and hydrological projects.

Travelling can be done for a common good. Besides creating empathy, it can be used as a tool to help overcome social and environmental problems.

When travelling with us, you will find yourself submerged in stories that capture the spirit of the places we visit. The connection with nature will open your mind, giving you a more optimistic perception of things that can be done to make our world a better place. Travelling is good for you and will enrich your spirit, given that part of your contribution will help the development of social, economic and environmental projects.


Challenge your limits

1. Choose your adventure

We offer a range of different adventures organized for you to enjoy outdoor activities and get to know incredible destinations.



Travel for a cause

2. Get to know the cause

When you travel you support a specific cause, aimed at helping the evironment.



Get to know yourself

3. Connect with nature

Travel to incredible destinations free your wild spirit. During your adventure you will find new friends and will always have a guide with you.



“Chance to Challenge’s core is providing a space to feel, think, enjoy, focus and share what is the best medicine both physically and emotionally, NATURE. She has taught me to give importance to the things that matter, listen to ourselves and the people around in order for us to be able to help. But above all things, nature has taught me to share these experiences to create a chain of consciousness to conserve and look after her, because she is an infinite source of peace and life for all those willing to listen. ”  


“Being in touch with nature has given me the tools to follow my dreams. Sharing these experiences in a safe and responsible way, has given meaning to my life. I hope that many can get to know these treasures of nature and realise why it’s so important to take action and preserve it.”

Daniela Rivera Torres (Co-founder of Chance to Challenge)

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