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Being part of Chance to Challenge is an incredible adventure! I love outdoor activities and sharing my passion with others; it’s a way to return something positive to nature, after everything it has given us. This team is determined to reach its mission and motivates people to be better and accomplish their goals. Vero Herrera (GUIDE)

Travelling is much more than a pleasure that we take to feel alive. It should be more than a simple experience for ourselves, or it would be a selfish deed. I was lucky to find Chance to Challenge because they have a solid and interesting project: to travel leaving a trace. Fran Videla (Digital designer)

Walking is a natural activity that you can do everywhere in the world, it is getting away from your problems and living the present. By doing it in nature, surrounded by an immense shade of greens, the experience is intensified. Walking in our forests is the best way to make them our own. Every step we take, we become closer to its smells, flavours and silence. When getting to know our woods, is only natural to want to take care of them. Fernando Álvarez (Guide in our hikes)

For me, hiking is the best way to meet new people or to get to know new qualities in old friends. It’s the opportunity to connect with other aspects of yourself, thanks to the delicious gifts that nature constantly gives us. Felipe Lanz (Guide in our hikes)



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