Challenger Stories


“Happiness is only real when it is shared”
– Chris McCandless

With Chance to Challenge you will meet people with different outlook, background, dreams and goals. But during your adventure you will be brought together by the journey, the silence of the forest, the awe inspired by a foggy mountain, the noise of the volcano that keeps getting closer, the tiredness, and the joy with each challenge you overcome.

Each group is different, because each of its members is. And this is what makes your journey a unique adventure.

Challenger Stories


“Its basically all about community. About sharing experiences to benefit a larger amount of people and the environment that provides for us. That’s what I learned on our Mixteca journey through Oaxaca. I came close to the people that live off the land and went home with a different and broader understanding of the region and its culture. Oh, and by the way, the views are jaw dropping.”